Thursday, June 17, 2010

BBBC 2010 - Entry 4

SL Bloggers - Is your avatar more or less your current biological age? Do you portray a younger avatar, or older? Why is this?

Not counting rp characters, I would say my av is roughly the same age as my rl self.  I may act a little crazier than I do in rl but as long as i'm not roleplaying, I'm pretty much exactly the same in sl as I am in rl.   When I do roleplay, I often play characters much younger than me simply because it gives me a chance to relive my youth and escape from the dull everyday existence I am living now.  

Speaking of being yourself in sl.. My friend Violet and I took a trip to Ahern last night as part of our journey out of hermitville.  Oh boy.. have you guys been there?  o.O  I really haven't frequented the place since my very first av was created in beta.. or when the grid goes down and everyone logs back in to a welcome area.. mine is usually Ahern.  But anyway, because I don't want to be sued for posting what someone said in my blog,  i'll give you short description.  The first thing we hear is a girl talking about how she's been poisoned three times with Strychnine by these people that are trying to kill her through fast food.  Then the guy backing her up says that "when he fantasizes about killing people, he would rather put it in their ac unit in their car so it would blow in their faces when they turned it on"  WTF?  Like we were totally cracking up at first and then the longer we were there, the creepier it got.  Are these people for real and how did they find their way into my virtual paradise!?  Before we left we got to see Gala Phoenix confront this chick who was wearing a modified skin of hers.  The girl was like .. "I bought this skin and my friend added the stuff in for me, it's not like i'm handing out copies to people! What, do you like want more money or what?"   *sigh* Poor Gala. lol  It must be so frustrating though watching stuff like that happen to your work.  

The guilty party is the chap wearing lady in the rear. .next to the runway guy I mean! bling tard erm I meant, very flashy guy.  I can see why she was pissed.. it wasn't even a good modification.  

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