Friday, September 12, 2008

It's coming!

Fall is almost here! Well, at least in my part of the world. The days are getting chilly and it's time to pull out those warm clothes. I know personally, there's always a few weeks that i'm cold but not ready to give up ALL of my summer clothes, so I try to mix and match seasons. This is a LOT easier for me to do in SL lol. It's cool and rainy out today, and this outfit just looked like something that would be a little on the warmer side with a hint of the passing summer.

I started with the Turtle Sweater from Kurotsubaki. I've had this since last fall and I still love it. It looks so cozy and comfy. It comes in a two pack with a navy blue version too for only 100L. It's a total steal and they're so versatile. I paired them with the free, yes FREE, Check Pants from UnToneQuilt and to jazz it up a little, I slipped on the slinky stilettos in black from Maitreya. These used to be free in front of the store but I didn't see them the last time I tp'd in.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Shhh! Don't tell anyone... but

I'M LATE AGAIN! I totally missed bandana day because I was out of town having a WoW fest.. (don't tell anyone that either) but I HAD to do this post because I loved the bandana I bought sooo much. I had a hard time choosing from all those up on the wall, but I finally decided on this cute pink flowery one from Torrid.

I picked it because I thought it would go with a ton of stuff... um no. At least not in my inventory. It totally clashed with the very few shades of pink I actually have and the pattern was hard to match. Buuuut, I finally found something that worked and here it is!

The totally cute jewelry is miscellaneous pieces of the cuppycake set from the oh so talented Violet Voltaire. If you have never seen her stuff (which I doubt) go there now! It's freakin awesome and it looks so good you'll wanna eat it! The overalls are an oldie but goodie from Panjen and the shoes are the chucks from Akeyo which I lurve and wear with just about everything! I chose to go topless not to be sexy, but because I could not find a good pink top to go with that bandana and the ones I tinted came out horribly. lol Besides, they cover the nips and that's good enough for me! hehe

Ok, back to WoW for a bit.. until next time!