Thursday, August 28, 2008


I'm off to my mini vacation early in the AM, so I thought this post would be appropriate. Ok.. so i'm not going to Hawaii, nor would I want to (I'm a total winter person) but I am going on a canoe trip and that has to do with water = Hula girl? Erm.. no, you're right, it has absolutely nothing to do with it at all.. but enjoy the post anyway and i'll see you in 4 days! :D

This came from the Hair Fair freebie box at the A.T.H. hair fair display..
It's inside the cake that's on top of the mushroom.

*mookalakaliki yaknowyawanalayme* (bad stab at Wayne's World humor)

I love that the entire outfit, besides the undies of course, is made out of prims. It has great detail and it even comes with a sexy little hula dance animation so you can show it off ;)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hair Fair Challenge

Ok, so.. the the challenge of the moment was spawned by the hair fair. It's pretty simple, see how good you can look with no prim attachments. Sounds easy.. it's not! LOL Just ask Vi and Lala. They'll tell you how long I stood there changing clothes.. it wasn't pretty. Anyway.. I finally settled on this look. It's totally got a G.I. Jane feel to it, wouldn't you say?

What I'm wearing:

Jeune Top from comme il faut

System skirt from the Combat Cutie outfit *Alkaline Designs

Unisex Manties in Army from Pubes!

Skin by Blowpop! Caramel Rai in Nude w/ Freckles

The texture necklace is "Who's that Girl Key Necklace" from Jennyfur Peregrine. (The link to the store in her picks is no longer valid.)

The system sandals are quite old and have been in my inventory for a loooong time, they no longer say who the creator is lol If anyone knows, please let me know so I can give credit!

This challenge is actually quite fun but it also helps soooo much with the lag when attending packed events such as the hair fair! So play around and see what you can come up with. Even with all this, my ARC number was still only 154 which is completely in the green.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Allegory FTW!!

So unless you've been hiding under a "really big rock", as i've been known to do from time to time, you know all about the Panty Raid hunt going on at Starlust. If not, get over there and grab some free stuff! There's more than just panties as you can see below.

Out of all the fabulous gifties I got, I have to say my fave find was the swinging tassles from Schadenfreude. Now these are no ordinary pasties my friend. These are highly detailed, animated, swinging tassles! And they come in a huge pack of colors! You can't beat it.

So of course I had to drag my besties, Violet and Lala, into the photo box with me and snap some pics to share with you. I wish I could show the swinging animation better but that's all the more reason for you to go out and grab your own!

Here's a closeup shot of the pasties and the panties that you can get from Allegory's hidden clams. The funny ass (pardon the pun) pose that you see in the middle, is from the [LAP] panty pose pack which you can also find for free at the hunt!