Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Candy Corn dollarbie set out @ Vi's church!

Ok, now for a less controversial post lol I just put out my candy corn piercing set at Vi's freebie church outside of her mainstore HERE. The set includes a single labret spike, triple labret spikes, septum ring, eyebrow ring, spiked fangs, and three versions of the gumball necklace, all for a solo linden! It'll be there till halloweenie is over! :)

While you're there, make sure you pick up all of Vi's awesome dollarbie's too, and check out the awesome work Lala did on the chuch windows. It's us! hehe

@ Lurve

I woke up this morning to the wave of gossip surrounding the feed. When I saw Sn@tch vs. Torridwear, I thought it must surely be some type of joke. How can the two even be compared? While they are both very talented designers, the products they produce are so completely opposite. Then, I read the post. I was sickened.

How can someone take it upon themselves to blow an issue like this wide open when it's nothing that directly concerns them? Especially someone who has already been involved in a nasty mess like this one. I may be new to the world of blogging, but that doesn't mean I have been out of the loop in the past. I know this woman doesn't have a very good rep when it comes to theft accusations.

I'm not saying that she was wrong for expressing an opinion on the subject, she has a right to an opinion just like the rest of us, but I believe it was horribly wrong of her to go public with something like this when it's none of her business. This is something that should have been discussed with the designer in person.. quietly.

I feel absolutely horrible for Ivey, knowing what she is going to have to go through even if these claims are dropped and go nowhere. Imagine the people who read that post and then spread it around like wild fire without even paying any mind to Ivey's defense. These are serious accusations and could be very damaging to a person's reputation on the grid.

I really hope that as she's sitting there hiding from the drama that she herself started, she realizes what she has done and how low it really was. I also hope that Ivey keeps her head high and keeps going with what she does. Her true fans will be there regardless of what these people say. It's perfectly obvious that there was no intentional theft in this case. It all comes down to an honest mistake in my opinion.