Monday, June 14, 2010

BBBC 2010 - Entry 1

Well, I think I may have borked this already but i'm gonna pretend that I didn't so shh don't tell! So, the rules of the bbbc are basically to post at least once a day for the duration of the challenge. I haven't posted in over a year so I thought this would be a great time to get started again. I used to keep a live journal back in the day and it really helped me clear my mind when I was overwhelmed with things going on in my life. Which leads me into my first post.. the topic being: Why did you become a blogger? How has it enriched your life?

I actually started my blog because I wanted to show a different side of sl fashion, the basic pieces that are usually overlooked. Once I started it however, I realized that was going to get boring pretty fast. lol So I just started throwing random posts out there and eventually stopped posting altogether because it just didn't feel genuine. So, with this challenge as my kick start, I have decided to revert back to what I originally felt comfortable blogging about, my adventures, my experiences, my successes, my failures.. my second life. I have realized more and more that this should be for me before anyone else and i'm not so worried now if people don't like it or find it interesting. I know when i'm looking back at these entries a year from now, it will be to me and that's the important part.

So here we go, my adventure begins today. Wish me luck!

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