Monday, June 14, 2010

BBBC 2010 - Entry 2

 SL Bloggers - Write about three positive things going on in your Second Life.

    Ok, I guess this topic comes at a good time.  I've recently signed up at (yea, I know) anyway, I signed up mostly to find new friends to hang out with since i'm usually sitting around bored and no one is online.  While i'm not going to out the people i've met.. I will say i'm happy I did it.  I never can figure out why I have such a hard time making new friends in sl.  I'm shy in rl, but not so much in sl anymore so it baffles me.  I try to talk to people, I make kind gestures.  I have sent out free things I make to people who I think might like them, but I never get any responses, not even a "I don't really like this, but thanks anyway" lol So I don't know.. I was starting to think for some reason people just didn't like me.. even though I had never even spoken to most of them.   So getting back on track, I think this site is kind of awesome in that you can connect with people who share your interests.  I've had some interesting experiences.. if that's what you want to call them.  I've had one that creeped me out, one that made me feel like a worthless piece of dog shit, one that is hopefully going to turn into a sweet friendship, and one that.. well, might be turning into something more.  Hopefully I will find out more tonight :)  Ok ok, but this would be positive thing number one.  I'm meeting new people, hopefully making friends.. and learning not to be such a recluse in a world where I can do anything I can imagine. 

   Number two branches off of number one.  My best friend and I have decided that we BOTH need to stop being such hermits, so in an effort to be more sociable and make SL fun again, we are going to start forcing ourselves to go out and find somewhere new every night.  I think our first venture may be orientation island.  I always hear about crazy stuff going on there so what better way to break ourselves in to the vast sea of people who inhabit sl.  Logging in to sit alone in a box 5000m in the sky is just not what sl was made for and I refuse to do that anymore.

   Number three.  Number three is uh..  hmm.  *scratches head*  OH, yes.. this.  Blogging.  I am crossing my fingers that this is just the right thing I needed to get me going again and take my blog back into the right direction.  I hope that maybe this also helps me with numbers one and two. Perhaps I have been looking for friends in the wrong places and this will introduce me to some like minded people. :)  

  So there it is, post number two.  I did it.. Yea!  I thought I would have failed by now. lol

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