Friday, June 18, 2010

BBBC 2010 - Entry 5

Topic #5 - Blogger's choice! Write about anything that's on your mind!

I think the topic I want to discuss for number 5 is Blue Mars. Not so much Blue Mars specifically, but virtual worlds in general I suppose. I had heard of BM through a couple of bloggers awhile back and then again from a friend a few nights ago.  I had never made a character there so tonight I decided to try it out.  I thought it had potential though they have a loooong way to go before it's ready for the public imo.  But it got me thinking about how things work in the virtual world.  My first venture in was back in The Sims Online days and wow, I can't believe looking back now how much fun we had in such a simple world.  There was no real currency, no custom work, nothing like that. I made some amazing friends there and one who will be a best friend for life.  Then there was which just closed down recently.  We abandoned ship a long time ago but before it shut its doors, I logged in one last time to run around and check things out.  I was looking through my stuff I had acquired during my stay there and it made me sad to think once it closed, that was all just going to disappear.  Not that I had any use for it but still.  That brings me to my point.  While I was running around all noobiefied in Blue Mars, I was thinking about how disappointing it would be to have to start all over.  I mean, I don't know about you, but I have an inventory of almost 50k.  I have spent a big chunk of money in Second Life.  Not to mention the money I have paid every month for land.  Are we just going to keep hopping from one virtual world to the next, collecting vast amounts of pretend clothes and skins, and blowing money on stuff that will just be wiped when the next big thing comes along?  How long will you stick with it?  I like to say now that I wouldn't get so involved in another world if SL closed down and I had to start over, but would I be lying to myself?  I guess I can't really say for sure now, but it's something to think about.  Virtual worlds are still fairly new considering, and maybe we just haven't had time to think about the fact that these lives we're living are only temporary.  It makes you wonder why we take things so seriously in such a disposable world.

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Violet Voltaire said...

Oh as long as I'm around trying out new worlds all the time, you know damn well you are the FIRST person I drag with me into other worlds! <3